Kentucky Blood

(Book I of the Kentucky Blood Series)

What would you do to find a Temple…

…that could make all your dreams come true?

What wouldn’t you do?

A sinister saga unfolds during the 1990s in Raven County, Kentucky, blending suspense, horror, and Southern Gothic allure. Meet Rhonda Cunningham, a charming yet malevolent Kentucky girl, whose affinity for extreme violence becomes the driving force of a harrowing family odyssey.

Bill, her father, seeks redemption, trying to break free from his haunting past as a ruthless drug lord. Taleiah, her younger sister, grapples with an embarrassing secret, while her little brother Zach revels in a disturbing pastime…

Bound by an insidious obsession, the family embarks on a perilous quest to find The Temple—a place of unimaginable wealth and glory. To unlock its secrets, they resort to kidnapping and imprisoning victims in their garage. Each successful kidnapping awards them a Clue, leading them one step closer to their coveted prize.

“We’re gonna find it, Daddy…”

“The Temple…”

But the family’s inner demons—dark secrets hidden deep within—prove to be their ultimate adversaries. Amidst the brutality, a psychological thriller unfolds, blurring the lines between sanity and madness.

Will the Cunninghams find The Temple?

Or will their relentless search lead them to an unimaginable fate?